Speech‑Language Pathologists in Private Practice

Victoria and Southern Vancouver Island

Who are we?

The Vancouver Island Speech-Language Pathologists in Private Practice is a professional organization of clinicians in Greater Victoria and other Vancouver Island locations. All members of VISLP-PP have the required registration with the ​College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of BC​ (​www.cshbc.ca). Registration may be indicated by the credential “Registered Speech-Language Pathologist”, or “RSLP”. Please see individual member listings for other voluntary professional certifications and affiliations.

What do SLPs provide?

Speech and language services provided by members include therapy for stuttering, voice problems, articulation, language, swallowing disorders, cognitive-communication problems, and augmentative communication. Help with English as an additional language and foreign accent reduction is also available. Services may include screening, assessment, consultation, treatment, presentations, and workshops. Feel free to make additional copies of this Directory as needed or contact anyone listed in the Directory.

Why choose a private Speech-Language Pathologist?

Private Speech-Language Pathologists offer an alternative to, or may be used in cooperation with, the government-funded Speech-Language Pathology services provided by child development centres, schools, health units, and hospitals.

Are costs covered?

Insurance coverage for speech therapy is included in many extended health insurance policies. The amount of coverage varies depending on the policy and the insurance company. Private speech and language therapy fees are not covered by the Medical Services Plan of British Columbia. Funding for speech and language therapy is available, in some cases, through government programs and private agencies.

Where can I find more information?

For further information about speech and language disorders, services, or funding, feel free to contact any of the members listed in the Directory or visit the websites below.

Speech and Hearing BC speechandhearingbc.ca
Speech-Language and Audiology Canada​ ​www.sac-oac.ca
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association​ ​www.asha.org